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The Citizenship Members Club is a beer experience like no other — an opportunity to provide customers with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to become an official 'Citizen'.

How it works

If you love Citizen and want to be a part of something more, keep on reading below!

Membership sign up and renewal is YEARLY, effective January 1st.
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Included with your Citizenship

Exclusive Black membership card - gain loyalty points through purchases in the taproom and show your card to claim your citizenship offers below:

- 10% off in-store merchandise.

- $2 off YOUR pints (does not apply to your entire table).

- 1 free fill per week (total 52).

Exclusive membership email list to gain access and information on brewery events and beer launches.

Ability to sign up to participate in in the brew of the Annual Citizenship beer (limited space capacity).

Access to Citizenship beer launch party with free Citizenship beer 4-pack.

Citizenship fees

Citizenship memberships are $500 Annually - complete application below and pay at the taproom!
*** Pricing will be prorated by month for sign ups after January 1st 2024.

Citizenship Survey

You don’t just purchase a citizenship, you earn it! If you’re serious about joining our member’s club, please fill out the following form.