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'Batch 1' Session Ale

4.5% ABV | IBU 25

A clean and crisp dry-hopped blonde ale with a gentle malt approach and big aromatics of citrusy hops. Designed for days when just one won’t do, this style is clean, simple and very crushable.

'Batch 2' North West Pale Ale

5.5% ABV | IBU 55

This hop forward take on a traditional english style pale ale creates a nice balance of citrus hops and pleasant a caramel malt sweetness.

'Hijacked' IPA

7% ABv | IBU 80

A bold yet refreshing IPA commemorating a bitter time when our kitchen food truck was “hijacked” (literally stolen). Complex tropical fruit characters combine with hints of resin and floral spice tones to deliver a big full bodied taste of the west coast.

'Wicklow' NITRO Stout

5% ABV | IBU 40

A rich Irish stout perfectly balanced with its mix of oats and roasted barley. Coffee, chocolate, and caramel flavours are complimented by a smooth yet dry finish.

'Belma and Louise' New England Pale Ale

6% ABV | 15 IBU

This hazy hop forward seasonal is packed with a ton of Belma hops creating vibrant melon and strawberry aromas all the while producing juicy tropical fruit flavours with a light balanced bitter finish.


rotating seasonals

'One Love' Hazy ISA

4.8% ABV

One Love Hazy ISA is the closest thing to a mojito we’ve ever produced. Sabro, Cashmere and Lemon Drop hops deliver a minty, lemon-lime explosion so fruity we had to put a rainbow on it. At 4.8% and low IBUs our One Love is a sure crusher. Whether you try it by the can or by the pint, we’ll be sending proceeds to our friends Skipping Stone for their support in empowering trans and gender diverse youth and their families in Alberta.

‘The Hawaiian’ Pineapple Wheat Ale

4.7% ABV | 20 IBU

An ode to the summer we never had, the Hawaiian is a big glass of sunshine. At 4.7% and 20 IBUs, this beer is way easier to drink than it was to make. Brewed using 100% wheat grain, there is absolutely no barley in this beer. The wheat profile gives The Hawaiian that delicious golden haze, and a mouthfeel so thick you’ll think you’re biting into a ripe piece of summer fruit. Hops? You betcha. Vic Secret and Amarillo hops help to emphasize the tropical flavours from the real pineapple we threw in, which go marvellously well with the thick layer of ham and mozzarella cheese - just kidding. At Citizen, The Hawaiian is 100% beer.

Coffee Brown Ale

5% ABV | 25 IBU

This coffee-infused brown ale was a collaboration brew we did our friends at The Roasterie in Kensington. It is malty, with subtle hints of dried fruits from both the coffee and special B malt used in the brewing process. The major flavour and aroma that comes from the coffee though is chocolate. This brew is a perfect blend of beer and coffee and is served on Nitro to give our customers the smoothest brewed cuppa both coffee and beer they might have ever had.

‘Bahama Trauma’ New England IPA

7.15% ABV | 50 IBU

We’re still celebrating patio season with a New England IPA tropical enough for the beach. Our brewer Joel calls it a hazier and hoppier follow-up to our beloved Belma & Louise, and you won’t find another beer like it. Bahama Trauma uses two rare types of hops known for their explosive tropical flavours. One sip will have you looking for your flip flops. This beer is so juicy you’ll want to bite right into it, but watch out - at 7.15% and 50 IBU it’ll bite right back.

‘Daybreak’ American White IPA

6% ABV | 80 IBU

Let the sunshine in! Our Head Brewer Joel got weird and jammed an American IPA and a Belgian Wit together for something totally unique. Daybreak uses a grain bill similar to a traditional Wit beer, but it’s hopped unlike any other. Hallertau Blanc and El Dorado hops provide the perfect balance to the tropical notes in the grain bill, and work to bring through a crispness you’d expect from an American IPA. At 6.0% and 60 IBU, this American White IPA is the perfect patio crusher. Is it a real beer style? No, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste good.

Grapefruit Radler

3.5% ABV

Citizen’s Session Ale just got a lot more sessionable! Our fresh Grapefruit Radler is just in time for the summer heatwave. We took our Batch #1 Session ale, tweaked the hops a tad, and added a whole buncha real pink grapefruit juice to create a drink made for summer. Citizen’s Grapefruit Radler hits all the notes. It’s sweet, tart, mostly a beer you already love, and very, very refreshing. That’s basically it.