core Line-UP

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'Batch 1' Session Ale

4.5% ABV | IBU 25

A clean and crisp dry-hopped blonde ale with a gentle malt approach and big aromatics of citrusy hops. Designed for days when just one won’t do, this style is clean, simple and very crushable.

'Batch 2' North West Pale Ale

5.5% ABV | IBU 55

This hop forward take on a traditional english style pale ale creates a nice balance of citrus hops and pleasant a caramel malt sweetness.

'Hijacked' IPA

7% ABv | IBU 80

A bold yet refreshing IPA commemorating a bitter time when our kitchen food truck was “hijacked” (literally stolen). Complex tropical fruit characters combine with hints of resin and floral spice tones to deliver a big full bodied taste of the west coast.

'Wicklow' NITRO Stout

5% ABV | IBU 40

A rich Irish stout perfectly balanced with its mix of oats and roasted barley. Coffee, chocolate, and caramel flavours are complimented by a smooth yet dry finish.

'Belma and Louise' New England Pale Ale

6% ABV | 15 IBU

This hazy hop forward seasonal is packed with a ton of Belma hops creating vibrant melon and strawberry aromas all the while producing juicy tropical fruit flavours with a light balanced bitter finish.


rotating seasonals

ROYAL pine west coast ipa

8% ABV | 100+ IBU

What makes the Royal Pine such an excellent example of a West Coast IPA?  Both the aggression of the hopping regime (there are a ton of hops in this beer), and the types of hops (Simcoe and Cascade), contribute to the high bitterness and the commonly used West Coast flavours of citrus, pine and grapefruit. One of the specialty malts used in this beer is Origin Malting’s Dark Munich.  This malt adds a toasty grain profile to the beer without adding to the astringency associated with some darker malts commonly used for adding toasted flavours to beer.  It meshes well with the West Coast flavours, and contributes to the drinkability of this higher alcohol beer.

‘Why Not?’ Nitro IPA

6.3% ABV | 80 IBU

The Why Not? is balanced with the creamy mouthfeel Citizen Nitro beers are known for. The hop cocktail is made up of Cascade, Idaho 7, Amarillo and Citra hops gives the beer a fruity west coast profile, full of citrus elements, tropical notes and a touch of pine. The Nitro IPA combo is as tasty as it is unusual, but it seemed like a good idea so we thought “why not?”.

‘Snap, Crackle, Hops’ Rice ale

4.5% ABV | 20 IBU

A highly crushable, approachable beer, Snap Crackle Hops is the latest from your friends here at Citizen. It tastes and feels similar to your favourite lager, crisp and clean and no-nonsense. We used Saaz hops to help bring that classic Pilsner vibe. Technically an ale, the grain bill on this batch includes a ton of rice, keeping it light with a smooth mouth-feel and crisp finish.

‘outrunner’ rare ISA

4.5% ABV | 45 ibu

Brewed in collaboration with Outrun Rare and inspired by ultra-marathoner and beer lover Dave Proctor, this seasonal is a clean, crisp and crushable full flavoured “rare” ISA. The Hallertau Blanc and El Dorado hops bring hints of white grape and stone fruit aromas and flavours. Available on tap and in 473mL cans exclusively through the taproom and Highland Wine and Spirits. Proceeds of this beer will directly support the Rare Disease Foundation through Dave’s continuing mission to raise support and awareness of the needs and struggles facing the rare disease community in Canada.