core Line-UP

’Batch 1’ Session ale

4.5% ABV | IBU 25

A clean and crisp dry-hopped blonde ale with a gentle malt approach and big aromatics of citrusy hops. Designed for days when just one won’t do, this style is clean, simple and very crushable.

'Batch 2' North west Pale Ale

5.5% ABV | IBU 55

This hop forward take on a traditional english style pale ale creates a nice balance of citrus hops and pleasant a caramel malt sweetness.

'Hijacked' IPA

7% ABv | IBU 80

A bold yet refreshing IPA commemorating a bitter time when our kitchen food truck was “hijacked” (literally stolen). Complex tropical fruit characters combine with hints of resin and floral spice tones to deliver a big full bodied taste of the west coast.

'Wicklow' NITRO Stout

5% ABV | IBU 40

A rich Irish stout perfectly balanced with its mix of oats and roasted barley. Coffee, chocolate, and caramel flavours are complimented by a smooth yet dry finish.

‘BELMA AND LOUISE’ Ne pale ale

6% ABV | 15 IBU

This hazy hop forward seasonal is packed with a ton of Belma hops creating vibrant melon and strawberry aromas all the while producing juicy tropical fruit flavours with a light balanced bitter finish.


rotating seasonals

Beerded Lady

4.6% ABV | 15 IBU

Our Pink Boots beer! A delicious wheat ale fruited with plum and brewed with the help of a bunch of gals in celebration of International Women’s Day. It’s light but with a thick mouthfeel, and it’s officially on tap!

Batch ‘C’ Blueberry Nitro Milkshake Sour

5.5% ABV | 15 IBU

Pucker up for Batch C, Citizen Brewing’s 100th batch and first kettle sour. 100 is a pretty big deal so we wanted to give it everything we’ve got. Our Blueberry Nitro Milkshake Sour is unlike anything we’ve done before. The beer is fruited with blueberry puree, giving it a delightful colour and adding to the tartness of the sour.

‘Bahama Trauma’ NE IPA

7.15% ABV | 50 IBU

A hazier and hoppier follow-up to the beloved Belma and Louise. The Bahama Trauma is a New England IPA tropical enough for the beach and just in time to celebrate patio season. This beer is so juicy you’ll want to bite right into it, but watch out - at 7.15% and 50 IBU it’ll bite right back.